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6/21/2016 , Thought


Consciousness of who we are? Karmic imprints, fate or destiny is deeply rooted inside the breath of an individual.

Breath is Kurma Nadi, the Nadi that connects to the individual consciousness across time and space. It's physical location is in the spine, it can be termed as karmic thread that holds memory of all life times.

As different types of karmic memory is active in every individual, they go through certain experiences. This individual pattern of karma or the consciousness can be accessed with the breath.

Breath is the tool to awaken the consciousness and purify karma nadi. When the subtle prana is regulated through the spine, susumna nadi and different chakras, one can release unwanted patterns of experiences.

Breath is the bridge between internal and external world. It is a bridge between individual consciousness and universal consciousness. By using the breath in a perfect way, many spiritual experiences can happen.

Awakening of consciousness, purifying karma and transformation of destiny by using the power of breath is the fastest way for individual's growth.

Posted by : JAIDEEP OJHA

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