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What Is Tantra (Tantra)

6/29/2016 , Thought

The Tantra is an ancient philosophy of life oriental origin, which comes from holy books of ancient India and Tibet, which date back to more than 4.000 years old, through various practices seek to expand the consciousness of being human And connect it to the world in a spiritual way.

The Set of written it gathers this doctrine, called tantras, it is said that appeared approximately in the sixth century A.C. Transmitted by own, Gautama Buddha Siddharta. But it is also thought that the knowledge is found in subsequent demonstrations of the Buddha.

Other interpretations claim that even prior to the Vedic culture, before the shaping of the hinduism as such and possibly linked with the seeds of taoism, which appeared in China, it was learned the existence of philosophy mode tantric, which would explain why was developed with Various variants in religions, such as hinduism, Buddhism and the jainismo, amongst other, achieving expand widely in India, Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia, Bhutan, Korea, and even china and Japan.

The Word Tantra, of origin Sanskrit, has several meanings, as "photo", Tissue " " and also it is understood as " DOCTRINE 'or' rule ". But the way more fully understand its meaning is as synonymous with ' Woven ' or ' weave ". So Tantra is the philosophy through which they develop some traditional teachings.

This philosophy mode tantric seeks the healing and growth integral of the human being, considering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, pushing the human being to open your heart to everything that surrounds it, that's why this knowledge is deeply related to meditation and the Yoga, who also have their origin in India.

Tantra says that the individual may rejoin with its source Creator, putting into practice a number of principles that activate your energy, allowing her to connect with the whole, to the universe and with the source of life.

He posited that those forces, effective properly, you can give the human being a source of energy unprecedented, providing benefits to both society and the individual, through disciplined practices that require cultivate the physical body and also the spiritual.

The Tantrismo proposes an awakening every way to expand your consciousness, through massage, aromatic oils and touch with yourself and with the couple, putting emphasis on the enjoyment of the caresses and not just focusing attention on penetration.

In fact, between the teachings tantric states that it would be more appropriate to postpone the orgasm as long as possible, in order not to waste banalmente this energy, and also to the enjoy of an orgasm that could come to feel through the whole body.

Posted by : JAIDEEP OJHA

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